Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's cold in Kechi!

As you can see, Kechi got hit with winter weather! I keep telling myself that it won't be long until it's spring again. Whenever I am out running errands, I meet customers who tell me they, too, are eager for the Playhouse to open again.

Our 28th Season! How can that be possible? In fact, we will be opening with our 140th show! The season is still being finalized, but we are hoping to find some fun shows because we know how our audience loves to Laugh!

This blog is a new adventure, so you will probably see it changing before your eyes as I learn more and more about blogging. It's a modern world and I am running to catch up!


  1. How lovely to think about theater and Spring!

  2. Misty - I can't wait for the Playhouse to open again! When will the new season be posted? Are you going to post it on here?

  3. YES! I will post the new season here, but first I have to find 5 dynamite plays!